gale meadows - Trail, bondville, Vermont

gale meadows - Trail, bondville, Vermont


Slow, technical, fun single track the whole way. There are many short loops and it is possible to go around the pond, but beware hicking is required because even in a drought it is muddy. Be prepared for some mud because the first 30 feet is a deep stream crossing before going up a short hill. after that the terrain is basiclly undualting the whole way.


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[Jul 04, 2011]
Ben Lennon
Cross Country Rider

The best way to access this trail is to stop by the local Bike Shop, Mtn. Riders. They have great maps and you can connect to the Gale Meadow trails from just North of the shop on Rte 100.

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Start at Mtn. Riders turn north ont rte 100 and hook a left just pass the 2nd Bridge. Follow the Mill Brook Trail up to White Pines rd. From there you can connect to Haven Hill rd and take the Saplin Trail into Gale Meadows. Cross the parking lot and up into the woods on the Gale Meadows Trail. Follow to the top of the first climb and turn right onto The Birthday Trail and then loop around onto Billie's Go At. Then follow Skinner Swamp Trail to Power lines and out onto River Road. Climb up to Coleman Hill Road and enjoy the fast dirt road descent back to Rte 100 and back to Mtn. Riders. Grab a cold beer at Craft Draughts Beer store across the street!

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Try the West River Trail. The trail head can be connected to from the parking lot at Mtn. Riders.

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