Ira Loop - Trail, West Rutland, Vermont

Ira Loop - Trail, West Rutland, Vermont


An USGS map will show this route very well or even Delorme topo of varying versions. One starts near Wragg Brothers well drilling in Ira at the junction of E west rd & TH6 at this very sharp hair pin turn (middletownsprings rd is the one that heads off into the woods) head onto TH6 (maybe 1/2 mile) and proceed up the trail by Sevigneys hunting camp ( if you come to an old green mobile home you went to far) turning at first right over the mountain back down the back side/traverse of MT Herrick & then a right at next intersection down the valley to clark hill rd & TH4 junction and then a right onto TH4 which leads back over to and becomes crossroads and finally a right back onto E west RD back to where you started at Wraggs Brothers. So in reality you are doing a large rectangle loop. What a run on sentence that was.... This whole area has so many branches you make or alter the route in many ways to fit ones ability levels or to explore the surrounding area.
I do not know the condition of this trail as it has been years, mostly jeep or 4x4 roads!! It is a typical back country class 4 roads with wash outs, rocks and the likes that add to the challenge. I remember the climb was a killer for me with the mixed trail conditions. I am not sure which way around is worst?
I think the area of trail from Clark Hill & TH4 junction is the best for what was then high speed cruising of the last section down.

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