Jay Connecter - Trail, Jay, Vermont

Jay Connecter - Trail, Jay, Vermont


This trail is a fun short trek up above the town of Jay, and takes you down into Westfield(not all the way).
It starts off with a lung buster climb, but after that is cruising through old logging roads and singletrack. This trail is a great ride for stronger riders. This is a fun loop and will take one and a half to two hours. Be careful- the trail can be hard to find for first timers.

To get there stop in at the local shop- Firsttrax East, or follow 242 up to Lussier Farm RD, and follow the road all of the way up until you come to a clearing and a small cabin. The trail starts on the Catamount XC Ski trail, amd later meanders off of it.

Please be curteous- this trail is on private land. Respect the land, animals, and people.


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[Jun 26, 2007]

I love this ride, a new one for the area and it is great, with a good up to down ratio.

it starts with about a mile of climbing to reach a ridge top, then it's almost all downhill from there. There a few small ups mixed in, but like i said it is mostly down about 3 miles or so. its mostly single track with few sections of old logging roads that are growing in.

This trail is tons of fun. a lot of bang for the buck. a mile of up for 3 miles of down is hard to beat.

go get it!!!

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leave a car in the town of jay and shuttle up to the end of lussier farm rd. climb and then descend. you will end up on north hill rd in westfield. when you hit the pavement, take a left and cruise the road into the town of jay. it is maybe a mile of flat road to town. while in jay ride the first trax east shop loop. that will add another mile or so. total miles for this ride is around 7 with the shop loop in jay included.

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