Dead Man''s Drop - Trail, Burlington, Vermont

Dead Man''s Drop - Trail, Burlington, Vermont


This is a sick little trail. you can find it if you start at Battery Park and head north on North Ave. You''ll come to a section where the road gets really thin (right after the Eathen Allan Medical Supply). This is where a train crosses under the road. on the right side of the road, there''s a little drop into a trail, and it''s just that simple. IT''S ALL DOWN HILL! And it has a few sick side trails as well. Two spots to watch out for, though; mid section - low hanging branches (they call it dead man''s for a reason), and the last section - a little tricky. It comes out on the bike path. travel south and you''ll end up at DARING (some call it switchback 51, or something like that). Have fun!


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[Aug 30, 2009]

This is a great trail that starts north of the train tunnel North Ave crosses. It's accross the street from the medical supply center. Going north on North Ave. you'll see the trail on the left. It drops off from the sidewalk and then heads through some woods, then a field and back into the woods. Recently some folk have been building dirt jumps and small stunts in the woods here you can hit. Nothing is very fancy and it's all small stuff but it's nice to have something like this right in town to hit up quickly.

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There is really only one route from North Ave. down to the bike path. On your way down the path on your left you'll see a rhythm section of dirt jumps.

Watch out for when you come out of the woods for a second time. Anyone coming up the hill will be invisible until you are on top of them.

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