Cabra Loop Trail - Trail, Los Alamos, Mexico

Cabra Loop Trail - Trail, Los Alamos, Mexico


From Guaje Pines Cemetary: To access the trail head, park at one of the Guaje pines cemetary parking areas (on Range Rd). Follow trails around to the NE corner of the cemetary. If you follow the trails down to the arroyo, you'll see a canyon heading NE and a sign for Rendija trail through the canyon. Follow Rendija trail and work your way through the freezer size bolders and gravel covered riverbed (partly rideable if you like riding in 3" deep gravel) until you see a sign for Cabra Loop. Alternatively, you can follow the dot grant trail up toward the NE. This will lead you to a sign for upper Rendija. This short trail follows the ridge line around (instead of the canyon bottom) and is rideable. The ascent is steep, but short.

Make sure you take care selecting trails around Guaje Pines cemetary. There are several trails heading in different directions. (Perimeter heading mainly W, Upper Guaje Road heading NW, unnamed trail heading NW , Lower and Upper Rendija heading NE, and Dot Grant heading mainly E).

From Guaje Ridge/Upper Guaje Road: If you've come down Guaje Ridge or ridden up Upper Guaje Road, you'll encounter the upper part of Cabra at ~N 35 55.564-W106.17.728. Currently, there is a lone pine off to the right of Upper Guaje road with two trails intersecting. Cabra Loop is the right trail if you're sitting on Upper Guaje road staring at the trails (Pajarito trail is the other).

The trail is rocky and treeless on the upper half. The lower half follows along an arroyo and is partly tree covered and sandy. There are a few steep sections and some basketball sized rocks encounted during the few arroyo crossings. Otherwise, the trail isn't too difficult.


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[Sep 13, 2007]
Cross Country Rider

The trail is a fun ride. It's not too tough but has periodic sections that are steep or challenging to keep you honest. The trail is also notable for being one of the three main ways off of Guaje Ridge (along with Upper Guaje Road and Pajarito trail).

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If you ride up Cabra, you can hit the outer parts of Pajarito trail for a longer loop.

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