Cañon de Valle - Trail, Los Alamos, Mexico

Cañon de Valle - Trail, Los Alamos, Mexico


The trail follows along the bottom of a narrow tree-lined canyon. The bulk of the trail follows a reverted road that supposedly dates back the the native american days. The trail presents a peaceful ride through the woods and undergrowth of the canyon. Often, the nearby babbeling of running water and animals congragating in one of the few woody areas on an otherwise burnt mountain add to an already great ride.

The trail presents a persistant climb from 7700 ft to 9000 ft over its length. Most of the ride is smooth trail following along the reverted road. There are an occasional short rocky section and a few rock garden sections encountered as the trail travels in the riverbed a short distance.

During the height of the wet season, nettles and brambles can encroach on the trail making the ride painful...


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[Sep 28, 2007]
Cross Country Rider

I think this is a really peaceful trail to ride. While it doesn't offer panoramic views like other rides, it more than makes up for it in the solitude imparted by riding in the quiet canyon. The one blemish of the ride is that it ends at a fence for the Valle Grande preserve. If it went all the way to the top, it would be an outstanding ride. As it stands, the ride will leave you wanting a more grandiose finale than a fence at the top.

Customer Service

Straight up from bottom to top makes a nice lunchtime ride for the lab crowd.

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The south perimeter trail crosses CdV near the bottom. After riding CdV, head north on perimeter and take it over to Pajarito Canyon/Nail trail for a really nice extended ride. Go south instead and you can head down to water canyon trail.

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