Caughlin Hills - Trail, Reno, Nevada

Caughlin Hills - Trail, Reno, Nevada


Take Caughlin Pkwy west. Turn left on Village Green pkwy, left again at Pinehaven Rd. and follow to the end of road..see marker on map. Take the fire/jeep road up the steep hill to your right (or west), will reach a homemade motocross course shortly at the top of the hill, vere left(heading South) and follow the jeep road traversing the hill for a half mile until you reach a junction of more jeep trails(lots of bullet shells and glass on the ground so watch your tires)...vere right and start heading down the jeep road, at the bottom of the hill you will hit a seasonal creek bed, cross and take the next jeep road down the hill to the left and follow it as it raps back to the right. You'll run into a single track that takes off left up a short hill and hits another jeep road. Hang a left up the jeep road, ride for another half mile keeping an eye out for the next single track, it will break off left from the jeep road around that half mile mark. Follow the single track until it ends...people have been adding track for the past few years and the trail is growing nicely. Be a part of building the trail and add on a few feet every time you get to the end. As of now it is around 3 to 4 mile of single track..maybe more. It needs to be riden so tell your friends!


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[Jun 04, 2007]

I've got a problem with this trail: it's illegal. Peg me for a hypocrite, since I've ridden this trail 10 or so times during the past two years and watched it grow. Also, it's exciting that this side of the Truckee Meadows is seeing trail development. However, and it's a giant however, bootleg trails might be great in the short run (most of the trails extending immediately from the Reno metro area were bootlegged at birth) but may lead to reduced access in the future if this sort of trail building continues.

There is a big push from a local IMBA certified trail building group (you can find them at in conjunction with local authorities to build and maintain legal and approved trails in the area. This area of the hills surrounding Reno will certainly see some action on the legal trail-building front in the future. One thing I can say with certainty is that the trails built by this group far surpass the bootlegged variety in form and function. I have no doubt that this will be true of a future legal trail in this area, as this trail, while it has its charms, has already had problems. The biggest problems currently deal with poorly selected lines that already have erosion issues and poorly designed switchbacks (too sharp and steep).

I hope all of the riders currently involved in pushing this trail toward a connection with the Whites/Thomas Creek trail network (great idea - bad planning) suspend construction and talk to the guys at Poedunk to see if they can help put in legal trails and push for construction of a legal IMBA quality trail where they are building this trail.

Remember, what you do now effects all of us riders in the future. Let's do it legally so we and our children will still be able to ride it decades from now.

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