Minx - Trail, Las Vegas, Nevada

Minx - Trail, Las Vegas, Nevada


Minx is the sister trail to Pixie and is located about 4.5 miles up HWY 158 from the connection with HWY 157. This trail begins at the end of a guardrail near the yellow caution sign that says "Falling Rock". The trail parallels the paved road until it drops about 300' of vert and winds up at the Robber's Roost trail head.

This trail is probably rated a beginner trail due to the long sight lines, the gentle grades and the intuitive path that the trail takes along the old road grade it follows.

Although there are no tree tunnels on this trail, it takes some good guessing to pick the righ orientation as it goes through some pretty thisk stands of trees (known as mtn. mahogany for the botany fans).

This trail is about 1.2 miles and later connects up with the lower section of the downhill on the frontside of Mt. Charleston.

Speeds can mount on this trail due to the long sight lines, but please control any skidding. Ruts are getting deep on some sections of trail and that then leads to a preferential pathway for rain, and that starts a new canyon.

Enjoy the ride. This is just part of the wonderful trail system that will make summer riding in Vegas a blast. Plus, entry level trails keep new riders confident and theri enjoyment is just as much of a right as it was for you when you were a fresh face to the sport.



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[Jun 14, 2009]
Cross Country Rider

Fun, fast and flowing. This is all dirt singletrack/fire road with a gentle profile and the brush can unseat you if it grabs a handlebar.

The mini slalom course is just about reclaimed by mother nature. I was out there the second week of June 2009 and there were plenty of riders using the brother trail - Pixie.

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Start at the trail junction at the end of the guardrail past the campground. The trail parallels the road most of the way to Robber's Roost.

Climb back up the road and drop in on Pixie.

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