Malpais Loop - Trail, Beowawe, Nevada

Malpais Loop - Trail, Beowawe, Nevada


A singletrack parallels the highway on the west side for about 5 miles and is obvious. Once you see giant powerlines ahead, take a right (head west) on nebulous trails towards the hills. You are shooting for a low gap about 300 yards north from where the powerlines come down from the hills. Singletrack becomes obvious as you enter the main gully and is sometimes covered with cow manure here. Climb steeper and rockier singletrack (1/2 mile climb) to the pass. Blast down the singletrack for 1/4 mile to a VERY steep section with rocks that could be ridden by radsters. Continue through some tricky singletrack to a wide dirt road. Turn north (right) on dirt road and do a short climb up switchbacks. At the top of the hill, head left on a twin track for 50 yards then straight down the hill heading east. A singletrack follows the lowest part of the gully. Keep headed downhill, slightly towards Beowawe. A network of roads can get you back but I like to stay on the singletrack back to the highway, then head left for 1/2 mile to get back to Beowawe. PM me with questions if you''d like.


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[Jul 10, 2005]
Cross Country Rider

Lamoil(l)e wasn't kidding when he said the trail to the gap in the hills was nebulous - try "non-existent". That said, this was a fun loop with some interesting volcanic outcroppings to study along the way. The trail out, down a hill and into a sandy wash, is a blast. Don't worry about getting lost in the "nebulous" part - the power line/gap confluence is obvious, and once you're there you're on the route. Just don't be afraid to dodge a few sagebrush once you leave the singletrack that parallels the road. I rated the ride a 4 tech difficulty because of the steep downhill section, and some of the really rocky stuff you'll run into just before that section and leading out of it. I walked that part easily enough - other than that it's pretty straight ahead.

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This trail would make a nice stop on a "progressive" rural Nevada trip visiting trails in Lamoille, Beowawe, Battle Mountain, Austin, Eureka and Ely.

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