Fairlawn - Trail, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Fairlawn - Trail, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts


This is an old BMX Park that is fairly small, but has always been fun and full of potential. It is more of a jumping park than anything else. It has a series of short trails and jumps. The jumps vary from a route with up to 8 take-off, or as short as a six pack depending on how you ride it. The trails criss cross with a variety of different jumps and lines.

Over the years the park has been up and down in terms of maintenance and activity. I visited it today and was able to ride all but a few section that were too gnarly for a mountain bike. It seems like every few years somebody gets motivated to rehab it and it the jumps get a new face and some new lines. Currently it is in fair shape and is recoomended for riders that are experienced jumpers. For the average MTBer it is so small that without the jumping activity you will be dissappointed.

From Route 9 in Shrewsbury, park at Price Chopper (across the street). Cross Route 9 and head down Gordon or Gleason St. At the end, turn left onto Rolfe Ave. AS Rolfe Ave ends, turn left and hop the gate. Turn left up the soft fire road for about 100 yards. The park area is on the top of the hill crest. Most of the jumps and trails are to the left of the fireroad. Total size is only a few acres, but it is packed with things to do.

Please be aware that this is town land and is also a party area with some garbage laying around. The Police have not bothered riders over the 20 years it has been around, but the new gate at the trailhead may signal otherwise.

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