Boynton Park & Cascades Park - Trail, Paxton, Massachusetts

Boynton Park & Cascades Park - Trail, Paxton, Massachusetts


These trails are on the northern side of Airport Hill making for long climbs and great descents. Its possible to make a good 10 mile ride here. You could get more if you decide to climb up everything you descended. Nothing ridiculously technical but there are many places that have loose fist size rocks amongst streambed crossings.


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[Oct 23, 2011]

Non stop climbing or descending. Nothing super technical but loose fist size rocks and muddy water bogs will pop up here and there. Watch out of couples walking their dogs (apparently its a dog walking approved area). Not a huge place, but the network of trails are dense enough to make a good 8-10 mile ride with minimal trail repeats. Make sure to check out "The Cascades" at the east side of the park. There is a GREAT steep trail directly next to the cascades.

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Park at the entrance of Boynton Park, next to elm street and mower street (Paxton, MA). There are two trails on the western (left) side of the access road (Boynton Pkwy). Trail entrance is next to the swing set. Technical if you fork left at the trail entrance(Blue Triangle), smooth and fast if you stay right (Red Triangle). This will pop you out at the far top of the access road. Cut across and ride the red trail markers. Referring to the map, You will see the trail takes a hard 90 degree turn a little ways down. There is a trail that is not marked that directly links the red triangle to the blue circle (cuts through the corner of the reservoir division area) THIS is the best descent there. Once at the blue circles, head right, loop around and climb the yellow triangles. Do the loop again but taking the secondary pink squares and red descents (inside loop). At some point make sure to cut down tho the cascades and hit the final SUPER steep descent directly next to the cascades!

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