Bench Creek West - Trail, Stanley, Idaho, Idaho

Bench Creek West - Trail, Stanley, Idaho, Idaho


This ride is 3 miles of gravel, 6 miles of great backcountry riding (intermediate to advanced,) and then 3 miles of highway (downhill pavement) back to your car. Ride 3 miles up this road to Cape Horn Summit (or Fir Creek summit, as some call it.) Turn left (south) off the summit and ride a short distance before the trail disintegrates. Walk from here for the next 1/8-1/4 mile and then get back on and enjoy the ride.


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[May 11, 2004]
Cross Country Rider

Due to its elevation, this trail is only open during the summer and fall. A great ride if you are on your way to or from Stanley and just want to get a ride in on the way. Also a great hike if you have two cars. This ride will get you ready and set the pace for any riding you may do once you arrive into the Stanley Basin. It is one of the shortest rides and also one of the mellowest, other than for Fisher Creek at the other end of the Valley. Unfortunately, it is open to motorcycles, but so is Fisher Creek (an exceptional ride: must do if in the area.) Early season it may have down trees along the first half (through a burn.) Ride terminates with an overview of Bulltrout Lake and surrounding area before you descend down some high speed switchbacks to the valley floor and the highway. Lake at 3 1/2-4 miles. Very scenic.

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Ride loop from beginning of Bear Valley road for a twelve mile, 2 hour ride.

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Bench Creek North from same Cape Horn Summit, only go North and terminate out Lola creek at Marsh Creek. Bench Creek East off SH 21 1/4 mile further past the turn off to Bulltrout lake toward Banner Summit. This ride can be an in and out, but go all the way to the second divide (requires some pushing.) Or it can be a one way with shuttle, by riding out either Swamp Creek or Trap creek.

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