Magee Peak Loop - Trail, Kingston, Idaho

Magee Peak Loop - Trail, Kingston, Idaho


Warning: This is a wet feet ride. Ride too early in the season and you might get your crotch wet.

Find single track trail 22 leaving the road heading Northwest. It climbs a bit and then drops down into the creek bottom. Ignore trails 404 and 56 leaving on the right. Stay on this main trail for 6.9 miles, crossing the creek 17 times to a T intersection. The right turn takes you on the Faset Peak Loop. Turn left and leave valley bottom on a restricted travel logging road. At mile 9.9 make a right hand turn at a road intersection. Continue another mile, 10.9, and turn left on single track trail 323 which in 1 mile climbs to top of Magee Peak at mile 11.9. You have to hike a bike to the top. Descend a wonderful single track down to a last creek crossing and enter an undeveloped dirt road at mile 16.6 having enjoyed 4.7 miles of single track downhill. Go straight on road and turn left on next road at mile 16.8. Ride this road pass Magee Ranger Station to intersection of road 3099 at mile 21.5. Turn left and then next left on road 925 back to the trail head at mile 22.6.


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[Sep 06, 2004]
JP Nuts
Cross Country Rider

Wet feet. Climb on road to Single track up Magee is gentle. Wonderful single track dropping off Magee. Trail is narrow with some switchbacks. Variation: Combine this with Faset Peak Loop for a 34 mile epic day. To do so is to ride Faset Peak first and rejoin Independence Creek trail 22 but turn right and head upstream. At the next trail junction, turn left and climb out of creek bottom. Combination yields 4270’ climbing and almost 5 hours of riding.

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