Coeur d'Alene River trail, Devil tr down - Trail, Kingston, Idaho

Coeur d'Alene River trail, Devil tr down - Trail, Kingston, Idaho


Find trail on the information board side of road just South of information board. Trails climbs, drops, contours, sidehills, and crosses several slippery rock creeks for 6.1 miles to intersection of road 412 at Jordan Camp. Cross road and rejoin river trail. At mile 7.4 the junction with Alden Creek takes off to right which climbs out of the river bottom. Continue on the river trail. From here on the trail turns pretty technical requiring strict attention at times to your Ps and Qs as the trail is scratched into the mountain side, a mental lapse could land you on a rough ride to the river below you. At 15.3 miles the trail dead-ends at Big Meadows road 3099. Turn left (South) and climb up out of river bottom. Drop down into Devil Creek drainage, cross the bridge, climb around 1000 vertical feet up to ridge. At 19.4 miles, at the first right hand road turn, turn right on road 205. At mile 21.2 find Devil Trail 56 taking off to the left. Enjoy the nice single track for the next 5.8 miles. Stay right at the 404 Emerson Ridge trail intersection. Drop down to Independence Creek bottom and join trail 22 at just about 27 miles. Turn left for a bit of a climb. Ignore trail 404 coming in on your left. At 28.8 miles exit the single track at Independence Camp. Turn left pedal out of valley. Turn right on road 3099. Turn left on road 6310 at 29.7 miles a short distance later. Pedal this gravel road until it turns to pavement and changes road number to 208 and reach the starting point at 34.2 miles.

Four hours solid ride time, 3260’ climbing.

Variation: Drive upstream from ride starting point, continue as pavement changes to gravel and becomes road 6310. Park at intersection of road 6310 and 3099. Ride up 3099 about 8 miles to the intersection with road 205, the first left turn, and pick up the full ride description. Ride length about 19 miles.


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[Sep 06, 2004]
JP Nuts
Cross Country Rider

Ah, the Coeur d'Alene River trail. From Alden Creek to the end, about 7.5 miles can be a real handfull. I heard of a rider who made a mistake and launched his bike into the river below and it took a fisherman to help him get down to the river to retreive his bike. Devil Trail 56 is sweet mostly downhill. These trails are narrow and on sidehills requiring a bit of attention to be paid. There is a bit of a climb after you intersect Independence Creek trail. The road ride out is not too bad.

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As described or the described variation

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