Barbour Fork - Trail, Idaho Springs, Colorado

Barbour Fork - Trail, Idaho Springs, Colorado


Go back out to the dirt road and turn left up the hill. During the summer season the gate is open so you may see 4x4s, OHVs up here. This fireroad quickly becomes a grunt, but is all rideable if you hang on. A dirt intersection at about 1 mile is good either way. Another 1/2 mile up the road you will see where they come back together after tracing westward up opposite sides of the wide meadow. I usually go left because the right sometimes gets sandy. Where those two doubletracks re-intersect, stay right on the main trail. West and uphill at the meadow end is a 300 yard steep rightward traverse that will challenge most folks. The road left bends at a grassy plateau. Follow this thru the first stand of trees, up across a large meadow, and thru the second tree stand a total of less than a mile. When you come out of those trees, you'll be wanting to cast around to the right for a faint singletrack. (If you continue straight up the road, within a couple hundred feet it climbs extremely steep and rocky deep in the trees). Take the singletrack as it opens up and curves 180 degrees around to the right back in the general direction from whence you came. The trail initially follows the edge of the clearings where you just rode up on the road. Rocky, rooted, gives way to fairly buffed and fast. Two key turns. Don't miss the first left turn after one mile of a rolling descent. You know you missed it if you coast out onto your fireroad on that plateau above the 300 yard traverse I described earlier. There's a big boulder on your right as a sentry point. The next intersection is easier to miss. Careen down thru the trees about 2 miles. After a particularly wicked fast section in the trees you come out to an open ridge. Watch closely on the ground for a stick cairn off to the right. A poorly marked singletrack loops around a lone pine and ducks back into the woods below where you were just riding. (If you continue along the ridge, you have some great views and initially easy riding, but then a relatively boring drop straight down the hill, with V-brakes smoking, to the parking area. Significantly truncates the ride). Instead the singletrack in the trees is buffed, fast, down, then up to a logging skid road. Follow the brown national forest trail sign downhill a couple hundred yards to the big meadow that you will recognize from your earlier climbing. Hop left and down on the main doubletrack, then left again after the stream crossing onto your initial access road. From here it is a blazing good mile back to the parking lot.


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[Jun 04, 2000]

Good little ride. Followed the route described. The second turn (around the pine tree) is the one you'll miss. And it's a great ride fown from there. I also rode a trail on the opposite side of the creek from the doubletrack just above the parking lot. It's a really nice rooty ride with some insanity steeps to keep an eye out for. Also, this isn't the only trail in the area. Keep your eyes open - I did and it was extremely worthwhile. Hit a downhill that's full-on behind-the-seat fingers-aching on the brakes steep rocky-rooty fun and super rewarding. After an hour and half there today, it definately warrents some exploration.

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Same directions as above. Pretty much just take rights on doubletrack and you'll get there.

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Yeah, the one that leads to the A&W for a coney dog and rootbeer float. And buy the glass while you're there!

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