Fontainebleau - Trail, Fontainebleau, France

Fontainebleau - Trail, Fontainebleau, France


Lots of trails out there in Fontainebleau. They are called Sentier number XX (lots of different ones). A quick look on utagawavtt will give you a few gps downloads to start with. There is a lot of bouldering in the area, in fact it is a mecca for bouldering. However there are also lots of trails. I tend to stay away from the "ridges" where all the boulders are as the trails tend to be overly techy...more like trials riding, but some of them are great. The rest of the area is nearly all trails covered with pine needles and a bit sandy underneath. Fortunately it is nearly always damp in this region so the sand stays packed down. I recommend a hardtail 29er for this area as it can be techy, but flat/xc'ish. You can pretty much park anywhere and head into the forest and start riding. I downloaded a gps file from the aforementioned website and did just this.

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