Beaver Mountain Provincial Park - Trail, Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Beaver Mountain Provincial Park - Trail, Antigonish, Nova Scotia


It''s absolutely beautiful. There are so many different variations and possible connections throughout the park and around the park that you cannot get tired of this hillside, but its a great confidence builder because you become familiar with what''s around and will start going faster and be more daring. Depending on where you start your ride(either at the speedway or at the entrance to the park) really decides what the ride is going to be like. If you start by the speedway there''s going to be a lot of climbing but the obvious reward is that there will be nice flowing downhills with natural jumps all the way back to the speedway. If you start in the park you can go around numerous times if you want to follow the trails that exist within the park. This allows you to check out a topographic map every once in a while if you choose. There was recently a Charity bike event held at this particular park which was enjoyed by all who attended. SUM: Nice tight turns, long flowing runs, good climbs, choice over trails/difficulty and the chance to do trails over and over again in the same session. recommended for FR or XC beginner to Expert.

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