Track - Trail, St Johns-Mt Pearl-Paradise-CBS, Newfoundland

Track - Trail, St Johns-Mt Pearl-Paradise-CBS, Newfoundland


The old railway bed is an awsome ride if you really want to waste a day on a fairly easy ride. You can easily go downtown on it, or to CBS depending on your direction. From Paradise to St Johns its a nice smooth gravel trail, easy riding. But once you get past the old Train Station behind Octagon pond...its gets a little hard. Theres some nasty loose rock form the old bed thats now in waves from all the ATVs. Its really rough in some spots, but if your in shape you should be able to handle it. This trail may be developed further in future years, but I don't really know. There are loads of stores and such along the way if you ever want to stop. The trail follows the Waterford River for a fair distance also, so if your heading toward are also going downhill to an extent, but the climb back up isn't all that bad. You also get taken through Bowring Park, as well pass by several ponds. There are many routes that lead off the track, but if you want to go for a nice long ride, I suggest exploring many of them at a later date....Basically any semi-off road bike should be able to tackle the gravel sections of the trail, on the un developed parts, I would recomend a full fledge mountain bike. I bet alot of you have taken a cruise on this trail before, but its worth exploring further as it can also take you quickly to alot of other spots, such at the Paradise trails, Kenmount Hill and downtown, towards the white hills. Basically its a good highway to get to the really hardcore spots, but in itself its rough enough to get some nice speed up on the flat(watch for those people walking tho!) as it does not have ANY tight turns.


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[Apr 19, 2004]
Cross Country Rider

As this is the old rail-way bed, you sort of know what to expect. FLAT and untechnical. That in mind, I still ride the T-Railway fairly often, usually to loosen up my legs after a long run. Once you get passed paradise, the trail is undeveloped and can be fairly hard on your back/bum . The section from Paradise to Topsail is wavy and fun, but not so fun when riding it return. There are numerous points upon the trail where you can get back onto the road if you want to bail. Great for beginners

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Start in Bowring Park, or you can start at the Railway museam on water street. There are also many points along the way where you can get on. There are some side trails in Paradise that could be worth exploring.

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