Bow80 - Trail, Rocky View No. 44, Alberta

Bow80 - Trail, Rocky View No. 44, Alberta


Start at Station Flats, ride Sulphur Springs trail past Moose mtn Road, up to lookout then down to the Elbow Valley trail junction. Turn right and down to Canyon creek rd. Go 100ft to Elbow valley Trail and climb up past wellsite road on to Elbow falls and Powderface trail. Go up to the Powderface Link, turn right and ride to the Prarie Creek trail. Turn left and ride to Powderface Road. Follow road 5k to Jumpingpound ridge and climb. Go past The summit trail and on to Cox Hill trail(left at J.P.ridge & cox junction) Downhill 8k to the Tom Snow North trail. Go straight for 4k and look for the singletrack to the right, and follow to past the Well road. Cross road, cross small bridge and ride on to the pinewoods loop and look for sharp turn to a slight climb at the right. Follow trail (every intersection u see, take the trail marked by a red diamond.) until u get to a large gravel road.Follow road up past the creek and climb up to the junction to the left. Follow the downhill and it will come out to the Tom snow south. Climb up to the junction with the Moosepackers trail. Continue straight and downhill the trail until u cross ranger creek and climb up the last climb. zTake the left at the diamond t junction, cross small footbridge, and follow trail past gate and finish at station flats. Have a beer and pat yourself on the back.


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[Oct 17, 2008]
Cross Country Rider

Be prepared for a five to nine hr ride, depending on conditions.
Bring lots of food and water to help replace energy. You'll need it.

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It IS all the trails in the area!

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