Autobahn - Trail, Garapan, Asia And Pacific

Autobahn - Trail, Garapan, Asia And Pacific


Lots of twists and turns with low overhanging branches and a lot of logs, roots and other obstacles. Several dips through creek beds. Not a fast trail but one worth riding for the technical skill required. There is a beautiful overlook along the trail to see Bird Island from a different perspective. This trail is usually ridden as part of a loop consisting of Kimi-kazi, Autobahn, Santa Claus, and Banzai Cliff trails. When linked by the above trails and the Suicide Cliff and Bird Island Roads it becomes a loop of several miles (6 or 7). When connected with the Kalabara road and the Nan Madol Trail and the Radar Tower and Matansa Drive roads it becomes a spirited and challenging loop of some 15 miles or so. See the other named Trails for more specific info ion each. Photos to follow.

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