Bataan Bonanza - Trail, Bagac, Philippines, Asia And Pacific

Bataan Bonanza - Trail, Bagac, Philippines, Asia And Pacific


The trail starts as a farm road, and as long as you stay on the falt plateau you can try a number of different routes, most of which have a view of Mt. Marivales in front of you, Mt. Natib behind you (north), the South China sea and Manila Bay. Several of the trails head up the flank of the volcano, and become washed out, gullied single track as they climb. The only trail that goes all the way to the forest is the one that skirts the edge of the canyon to your left (you are facing south toward the volcano), formed by the river flowing out of this volcano. But most of the trails that head toward the mountain eventually cut over to this main trail - some walking may be required. You can't make a mistake because the wall of the canyon is a natural boundary on your left as you head up the mountain. The main trail enters the forest and becomes a steep downhill descent to the river, where you can find great swimming and crystal clear water. There is no way to ride out, but there is a short cut trail that goes straight back up the canyon - not ridable. You will have better luck hamstering back up the forest trail and back the way you came, picking a different route down to the plateau and your car from the route you took coming up. The terrain is rolling hills with deep grass until you hit the forest. This is essentially a ranch area, hence the name. On all the steep stretches you can pick a technical route or an intermediate route, and there are lots of grippy nicely bermed gullies for dirt surfing. Views are superb. The plateau is very exposed however so watch out for midday sun or lightening storms. If you go to and click on Mountain Biking you will see some photos from that area mixed with photos of Hill 394/Jungle Luge (described above).


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[Jan 11, 2004]
Ramil de Jesus
Weekend Warrior

This trail has a bit of everything... cemented roads, excrutiating uphills, challenging downhills, rolling hills, and the views are fantastic!

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There are various routes you can take as all directions are rideable... the possiblities are endless

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