Stans NoTubes Flow MK3 29er Wheelset

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We won't try to be coy: if we were looking to invest in a tubeless setup that would consistently outperform pricier options without requiring us to demolish our upgrade budgets, we'd go with Stan's NoTubes. If you haven't heard of the small Upstate New York-based company, you're missing out on...


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[Jul 25, 2017]
arctic slalom
Cross Country Rider


strong at a great weight. can take a beating.


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These are the new Flow MK3 29er laced to Hope Pro4 hubs built by Colorado Cyclist. Installed on my Tallboy 2 carbon. I know these rims are built for Enduro & AM, but I'm 225 lbs. and don't want to worry about wrecking my wheelset. I ride normal XC trails with a little AM stuff here and there. I don't really pick and choose lines, I just ride and go where the trail leads me.

More than anything, I wanted the flexability to run wider tires than my stock WTB I19's (19mm internal) would allow. Obviously, I wanted additional strength and a wheel set which I could run a long, long time. I've had great luck with wheel sets from Colorado Cyclist and (my 3rd set) and this set is very strong, straight and true.

The flows aired up and set the bead really nice. Very easy set up. I'm running a Maxxis 2.35 Ikon on the rear and I'm getting so much less sidewall flex in fast corners. Previously with my WTB I19, I had to run the 2.2 Ardent LUST (with the really stiff sidewall) to prevent folding the bead in the corners.

I'm very happy with the Stan's Flow 29 products. My son has had a Stan's 29'er Arch laced to shimano hubs and I've had a older version of Flow 29'er laced to Chris King hubs and we've had ZERO problems. Oh yeah, my son has a Niner Ros9+ which has the wider HUGO 29x3.0 rims both front and rear. He rides that bike and ton and we've had zero issues with that one too.

I'd buy if you want a nice and strong, worry free rim.

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