Novatec Diablo Wheelset


  • Versatile MTB wheels specially designed for enduro, 4x and freeride.
  • Offering total flexibility with Novatec’s 4in1 front & rear hubs.
  • Easily change from standard QR to 9mm Thru QR, 15mm QR &
  • 20mm Thru axle on front and standard QR, 10mm Thru QR, Thru axle, 12mm Thru axle & X12 Thru axle on rear.
  • Sapim nipples with POLYAX / S.I.L.S. (Sapim Inside Lock System) prevent tension loss and spoke bending at nipple.
  • For high stiffness built with Sapim Race extra strong double butted stainless spokes.
  • Welded rim with single eyelets for high durability.
  • Front 872g
  • Rear 1011g


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[Oct 15, 2013]


I have the 2013 set in 26", which is slightly different than what is shown above.

Very good engagement, nearly as good as my Torch's. Seem to be a good balance between weight and strength.
Steel bite guard integrated into the aluminum freehub body. Very clever idea.
Nice Sapim double butted spokes with alloy nipples, also contrasting spoke/nipples at the valve hole.
Can convert the front and rear to any axle configuration. All adapters plus 5mm and 10mm skewers included.
Converting axle caps requires no tools.
Graphics are baked on somehow via heat transfer? They are not stickers or paint and look like they will hold up much better.
Tubeless conversion is simple. My Maxxis Aspen took just tape and Stan's juice. My Bonty XR4 needed a Bonty rim strip and Stan's juice. XR4's have been this way with every rim I've tried.
They are mega-loud, which I like.
They had good, even tension from the factory (unlike any OEM or Stans wheel I've had).


Only comes with red hubs and red/black graphics. Graphics cannot be removed if you don't like them. They match my bike, so I don't mind.
They are mega-loud, which not everyone likes.
Novatec's dealer network is not that well established yet. May be hard to find in stock or get warranty support.
Novatec's website has basic info but no technical support on things like tubeless setup or recommended maintenance. Not that hard to figure out but would be nice to have.

I have about 100 miles on my set and they have been very impressive. I weigh 230 and generally thrash my gear. So far, they feel up to the task. I appreciate that they thought about little details like the steel bite guard and using quality spokes/nips. At $750, they are a little more than a basic Hope build but much better. I won't claim they are on par with full-custom Hadley/King/I9 build but they are darn close and will cost a few hundred bucks less.

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