Fulcrum Red Metal 1 XL Wheelset


The secret of Red Metal 1 XL’s success is to be found in a perfect mix of performance, lightness and looks. The aluminium spokes designed by Fulcrum® number 24 for both the front and rear wheels. In both cases we employed our 2:1 technology to improve torque transmission on the rear wheel and braking and directionality on the front. The aluminium hubs have 20 mm axles that notably increase the stiffness of the wheel, which improves manoeuvring precision and eliminates the annoying phenomenon of pad-disc brake contact. The smoothness of the Red Metal™ 1 XL is guaranteed by industrial bearings with double seal.


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[May 22, 2011]
Weekend Warrior


Excellent stiffness, strength, good UST compatibility, nice bearings, well designed.


Finding replacement spokes (since they are proprietary), spoke nipples require magnet to locate them within closed rim.

I am a big guy and I ride VERY rocky, rooty, technical New England trails. I've been riding for about 20 years and have ridden a lot of different bikes. These wheels are _by far_ the stiffest I have ever ridden... they are so stiff that they were throwing off my timing in the most technical sections. In these parts, 'technical' is almost like trials riding with lots of steep ups, drops, and rollers. The stiffness and strength of these wheels is so far, top notch.

I'm about 215lbs with all my gear on, so I'm not easy on wheels and these have held up pretty well so far. After I ride them a bit longer I'll post an update with more info after this season.

Not sure if I would have paid the original asking price (over $1k for the pair) but I found them online for 50% off, and at that price I couldn't be happier. I'll give them 5 chili's for value as a result of this deal... at full price they are probably a 4 chili product (as compared with Industry Nine or similar).

I recommend these wheels for bigger trail riders... not appropriate for true FreeRiders (I wouldn't huck these off anything higher than 3 feet at my weight). Great for endurance riders... not so great for trekkers (hard to find spokes). Excellent product that looks good too!

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