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[Apr 19, 2014]
High Desert Norwegian
All Mountain Rider


Super stiff. Light AND bomber. Made in America. Cool technology. Three year warrantee. Confidence inspiring.


None yet. Except for price perhaps. Tubeless set up from the factory costs too much. It hurts to add even more cost to a wheel set like this.

After riding a set of these on a demo bike, I was hooked. I can't remember when a part of my bike, when changed, effected the entire ride quality like this. Take my advice, don't ever try a set unless you have the cash burn. You have been warned! :)

When I was building up a new bike I lowered the component group to free up some money to purchase these wheels. I did this on the advice of Dave Turner at Turner bikes as well as my bike shop. So glad I did. I went tubeless with the DT Swiss 240s hubs.

When I first rode these wheels I found myself over steering into the corners. Over correcting until I got used to the stiffness. I am a Clydesdale at 6'4" 225 lbs rtr and I was flexing my nice Stan's Flow wheel set without even knowing it. If you are a bigger guy like me, you can now lean it over in the corners and the only thing that will flex will be your tires. Tire pressures I normally use have also changed. I actually ran my tire pressure in the 25-27 range for several rides to see if I would have any issues or problems and I did not have any. Pick your pressure, these wheels can take it.

I ride trail and all mountain type stuff in the western Colorado eastern Utah high desert mostly, with some high alpine stuff. I bought the all mountain wheel over their cross country wheel because of where and how I ride. I don't currently race.

So far, so good. No weird noises, no dings, no problems after three months. Outstanding product.

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Stan's Flows with DT 240s and DT spokes. build by Mike Curiack

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