Crank Brothers Iodine 3 Wheelset


Crank Brothers Iodine 3 Disc Wheelset: Unique double-anodized black rim with red center line, plus red nipples and pins. 21mm ID (26mm OD) welded, anodized 6061-T6 aluminum rim with machined "Y" ribbed cross-section. 1.8 spokes


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[Apr 28, 2014]
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Stay True. Seem Durable. Fairly light for category. Look great (I don't go out of my way for something unique, but there they are).


I have not encountered any weaknesses so far. A few _potential_ weaknesses would be the spokes must be hard to come by. I have never needed to replace them, but my LBS that typically has good supply of everything normal, has none. I did seem to get sticks in the spokes more often than before. The only thing I could contribute this too is possible fewer spokes allow for bigger holes for junk to be more easily caught? Semi loud freewheel (not like an Industry, but what is?)

After 1 year of riding I have been very happy with these wheels. I mostly am the pedal up, enduro down type rider, so a year with these should be plenty of time to encounter the good and the bad. I had them on my Nomad c. Fox 180 van up front and air in back. Everything on this bike was hand picked except the wheels. I wanted the Easton Haven c but since my buddy could pro form these, I couldn't justify the additional $2000 at the time.

2 weeks ago I was able to grab a set of the Easton wheels super discounted for $950 and swap these CB to another bike. The reason for this review is I am not as impressed with the easton wheels as I expected to be. They are slightly stiffer, lighter, and more responsive than the CB BUT not by much, so I started looking back at the CB reviews to see what people were saying about them and see if they were somehow exceptional in the reviews. My experience has NOT been the same as some of the negative reviews I have seen here, so I figured I would toss in my experience.

I have a Maxxis minion exxo DHF 2.5 on front and a specialized purgatory 2.4 on back. Installed w/o tools inflated w a compressor to 26 and 28 psi respectively. I weigh 185 w gear and that gives me enough p so the tire doesn't do anything too weird under g outs or any other critical situations. I still hit the rim occasionally, but have never deformed the rim in any way.

I live and ride enduro style in Oregon (when it's not pissing rain) I ride wide open through every terrain. I haven't had a single problem or complaint with these wheels. I have NEVER serviced the hubs. I did get out of true once last fall, but the only oddity in truing it was how sensitive they were to truing.

I put in sealant, air it and ride em like rentals. The only reason I bought the Easton wheels is this is my 'dream' build, and I had the opportunity to try out something 'cutting edge.' for a 'reasonable' price. My experience w these has been absolutely perfect. I have seen complaints that they are not holding up to hard riding, but I will NEVER buy used goods from anyone simply because I know how hard I ride my equiptment. I care for it in the garage, and abuse it on the trail! These have easily passed my durability requirements

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