Atomik Carbon 29 Mod-Hook AM/Enduro Wheelset


Atomik Carbon brings a rim that was designed to handle the rigors of big wheeled riders that push hard and ride aggressively while not shying way from the lines others avoid. We started with a wider 33mm design with an interior width of 24 mm which offers a tire profile that is better supported and less vulnerable to side roll and wallow. We’ve also increased the thickness of the bead hook to a burly 3.5 mm with a 1 mm deep mod-hook and engineered the profile to direct the force into the sidewall of the rim to offer additional impact protection from the occasional rim strike. Other features include directionally drilled spoke holes which helps alleviate some of the additional stress placed on the nipple/spoke bed interface. The mod-hook design greatly increases the rim bead strength while offering the benefit of additional tire bead retention.


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[Jan 29, 2015]
brent schnell
All Mountain Rider


Looked good on the bike for a few days.


the rim

Bought this wheelset laced to I9 hubs. Was on my third day riding them, went over a small roll into a few rocks and SNAP! back wheel was destroyed, cracked in several different spots. I was told by the guy that built them that 23psi would be plenty to run (I weight 172lbs) so I was running 26 psi just to be safe. Upon contacting the owner of the company, he told me that my pressure was way too low? I was informed by him that if you want to run these rims on any rocks and weigh 172 lbs then you need to be running at least 40 psi! So, I suppose if you're into paying a bunch of money for a carbon fiber wheelset and having to run 40 psi in your tires and having zero grip then definitely buy these. Otherwise, I would recommend staying away. In the company's defense, they did send me a new rim right away, but after using these for 3 days I have to pay for a new wheel to be built. Also, I would rather have a wheelset that I am not worried about breaking over every rock that I come across on the trail.

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