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NoTubesThe CrowTire. Features Semi-slick design, dual compound rubber, and extra strong folding bead. Note:ThisTire must be used on a USTTubeless rim (or a standard rim convertedToTubeless with a kit) Semi-slick design is fast-rolling and cuts down on wind resistance Dual compound rubber has harder, faster rolling center and softer sides for better grip while cornering Requires sealantTo runTubeless


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[Jan 31, 2012]
Hard Rain
Cross Country Rider


After about 4000 km on my Crows, I thought I would stop riding and write a review. At 390 grams, they weigh hundreds of grams less than most mountain bike tires and yet they have provided thousands of km of trouble-free service. I run the rear at 25 psi and the front at 22 psi. With such low pressures, they ride great on gravel and really help cushion bumps. Traction is great on loose gravel and sand---haven't tried mud yet. They are fast for a mountain bike tire.


Took an entire evening and the next morning to teach myself how to install these tires. But that was a year and 4000 km ago---only have to add sealant (for evaporation loss) every few months now.

These are great lightweight XC tires with superior performance if you don't mind fusing with the initial setup. That initial setup includes making sure that you have the right rim setup for these tires. I actually had a new set of wheels made up complete with Stan's ZTR rims to make sure they would work (see above for specs). But after the initial setup, I find them much more reliable than most tubed mountain bike tires with the exception of the Specialize Armadillo (see above). I would suggest considering using a Stan's Raven on the front for the ultimate XC setup. See Stan's Notubes site for tire inflation recommendations based on rider weight. Don't buy these tires if you don't like doing a research project before changing tires.

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