Michelin Mountain Dry UST Tubeless Tire


  • Low rolling resistance pattern.
  • Reinforced technology : ideal balance between weight and shock absorption.

    Fast directional block pattern minimises rolling resistance.
    Michelin Reinforced technology for durability and resistance impact damage.


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    [Apr 25, 2010]
    Cross Country Rider


    -Rolls FAST
    -Massive dry grip
    -True to size(26 x 2.15 exactly)
    -Toughest sidewalls
    -Turns like a Ferarri


    -780g Weight
    -Slips like poo in wet mud(not designed for it!)
    -A biatch to mount on rim
    -Grey soft compound wears quick
    -Deep sand stops this tire COLD

    For 2010, this tire is now known as the Michelin WildRace'R.

    The same tread pattern has been retained simply because the continuous center knobs and aggressive, wrap-around side knobs makes this tire stick like a Cheetah on dry trails. Even though they are a heavy UST tire - the ultra-low rolling resistance and smoothness negates the climbing weight increase. In fact, once up to speed - this tire needs very little additional pedaling effort to keep them at pace. On extended climbs, correct air pressure is absolutely necessary in order to prevent slippage.

    I have tried both the new Schwalbe Rocket Ron 2.3 and Continental Race King 2.2 and conclude the French-made Michelin a FAR SUPERIOR tire in terms of rolling resistance, puncture protection, especially in ALL dry riding conditions. In fact, I have even ridden these tires in wet and snow and they seem to shed mud and slush rather well too! I have even sailed these tires through nasty rock gardens with flying colors.

    The ONLY potential detractors in this tire is the soft grey tread layer...which grips like velcro when new - but simply wears out too fast. Also, the four-layer, reinforced sidewalls makes mounting this tire NOT finger-friendly and will even snap most plastic levers(use metal/plastic levers!).

    Don't let the heavy weight fool you. I am a Weight Weenie myself who is used to small-volume light XC race tires under 400g/ea. They roll so smoothly and whisper-quiet(on pavement) that the weight increase becomes trivial and the rotating weight increase simply exists only in your head!!!

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