Geax Lobo Mas Loco Tubeless Tire


  • High air-volume
  • Best technology
  • Heavy-duty casing
  • Non-ramped knobs
  • Double hardness compound


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[Oct 29, 2008]


tread measures 2 5/8" across! huge volume, sidewall states can be run tubeless as low as 20 psi! stiff yet pliable casing. This tire likes it loose and rocky. 50-60-50 dual compound tread lasts a long time.


Not so great on hard pack. Too big to fit the rear end of my Ellsworth Moment.

The huge volume of this tire (TNT version-running tubeless with Stans) and the ability to run pressure as low as 20psi allows you to bash through rock gardens without deflection with ease. The casing is stiff, even at 20psi, yet supple enough to conform to the rocks and not bounce off. My main complaint is hard pack or thin sand/gravel over hard pack isn't this tires forte. When it get's looser, deeper sand or deeper river bed like conditions and major rocks, this tire is in it's element. The front tire at 3 months of use looks like my Prowler MX after 3 rides. My other complaint is the tire is too big to fit the rear of my bike when all other 2.5's fit. I did manage to fit it once, with 1/16" clearance on each side of the tire and I had the ride of my life. Not the greatest climbing traction, but the casing and round profile allowed for me to clean a twisty rocky section of trail faster than I ever have. The fun ended when I railed a berm and the tire started rubbing on the swingarm, and I couldn't get it to fit again without rubbing, so I had to take it off. Without the LobomasLoco on the rear, my bikes handling just hasn't been the same. The tires seem to work best when run both fr and rr, must be the extremely round profile of the tires. Running stans, haven't had a single puncture, cut or flat from cactus spines. If conditions are loose and rocky, awesome tire. If all you run is harder pack conditions, maybe not the best tire choice. Can't wait to try their new 2.3 Triple compound Neuron when they become available, which are supposed to be a better hardpack tire.

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