Sweetskinz Boxster Camo Tire Tire


Sweetskinz has brought the previously impossible to your tires, graphics in full color! Small, well-spaced blocks offer fast rolling on harder surfaces while maintaining good traction on medium-loose trails. Cool, strong and fast!


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[Apr 21, 2005]
Kool Aid
Cross Country Rider


- The funky colors
- Fast, low rolling resistance
- Seems to be less prone to punctures


- A pain to install when new. Gotta use metal tire levers
- So difficult to mount that the tires came with instructions on "how to mount"

This is a fast, narrow, low rolling resistance tire. So with that in mind, it's only good for fire road and hardpack trails. Any other condition, will leave you with a squirrely rear and a wandering front. I picked these colorful pupsters up from my LBS that had special ordred them for a customer that had never bought them. So got these for next to nothing and was willing to try them out. Mounting them is a royal pain when they are new. You need metal tire levers. It's the only set of tires that have actually come with instruction sheet on how to mount. That's how much of a pain it was. But they do stretch and they do mount more easily later on with just sturdy plastic levers like the yellow ones from Pedros. The tire is very round in profile, so you get a very narrow contact width if you run full pressure, which is great for the road ride over to the trail head. Once on the trail, I reduce the PSI to about 40 from the 60 max and it rides pretty smoothy. I dig these for fireroads because it's really all you need with the low knobs and it's a fast tire. You can't corner with speed, so take the turns slower or don't lean too far into the turn because these tires will wash out. They are VERY thick, so thick that I think I could probably ride these in case of a flat. Overall, it's a fun tire and a good choice if you are riding to the trail head since they offer very little rolling resistence. Once on the trail, it's best for less aggressive riders who are more mellow and ride just fire roads. I road these in rocky loose conditions and it wasn't very confident. They are very expensive tires if you pay full price, which is around $40-$50 each. Not worth it on a performance level because you can get much better tires for that price.

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