Rubena V82 Triton Tire


Arguably one of the best low cost replacement tires for the aggressive mountain biking set. Wide central lugs shed mud well while plentiful side knobs hook up even in the loosest of conditions. A must have for any shop that services mountain bikes. Available in wire and folding bead.


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[Aug 21, 2013]
Dragan Stojanovic
All Mountain Rider


Excellent thread, great front tire. Large casing. Cheap. Holds like crazy on dry and dusty. Easy to mount.


no fancy letters on the casing, flat black, but who cares.

I got this new for 7 EUR (regular price 8 EUR here in Serbia), and I'm really impressed. Had a few rides on it and it feels amazing. The trail I usually ride is mostly bone dry and loose like hell in the summer. I had more than one front wheel washout on it, but this tire holds like mad! The rear end flies sideways like crazy but the front is planted as going on a rail!
Even though it's 2x2.25 this tire is bigger than my friends Minion DHR. It comes in 57-559 casing and the treads are so aggressive, almost moto like. I run them on Sun Rims EQ31 and it takes up a really nice shape when inflated. Mounting was a breeze, you can pop it on with your hands alone, I was afraid it will pop off on berms and harsh turns, but I was wrong, holds really nicely. I wouldn't recommend it as a rear tire, because the compound is medium and will last a short time especially if you ride a lot of urban or ride a lot on pavement to the trails. It rolls amazingly, no sounds or vibrations whatsoever even on pavement. Good rear tire for it is Rubena Harpy 2.25 if you want both your tires from the same manufacturer. Still haven't tried it on muddy terrain, but on soft ground and on dry and loose (bone dry with a lot of dry leaves over, really slippery even when you walk) it works great. I had a small washout on a off camber jump, and already made my peace that I'm gonna faceplant it, but suddenly it just hooked back up again and launched me out of it.

Consider the price, this is and amazing tire and really a best buy. They even come in 2.5 sizes if 2.25 is to narrow for you.

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