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WithThe recent increased interest in bicycle commuting,The need for urban-specificTires becomes obvious.These offer low rolling resistance, but more importantly, a reflective stripTo enhance safety. Ideal for errand bikes, commuters, and roadTouring. 33TPI casing


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[Oct 25, 2012]


Rolls smooth, light, quick


Wet leaves or grass!

It is a good commuter tire, but not the best. I actually was really surprised how well it did on the streets in very wet conditions--the only catch is the wet grass or leaves, this is its Kryptonite. The first time I went across a small patch of wet grass in these I was only going about 12 mph and I applied "average" braking pressure, I slid until I hit a fence with the front tire. That stopped me. Then, later I was cruising about 17mph and hit some wet leaves and there was enough slippage to make me uncomfortable.

So...my recommendation is that this makes a great commuter tire if you are in a dry area or during dry seasons. If you have a dry season where you live, it wouldn't hurt to put these on for commuting purposes. They made me about 2 mph faster average speed, but even more noticeable was how much more efficient they are compared to a nobby. This is the only slick I've used on a mtn bike, but they are surprisingly comparable to a road bike efficiency wise. I would say you could knock out a 25 or 30 mile ride on these with your road bike friends if you are in decent shape.

One other caveat: The 1.4 inch version reduces diameter by enough off of most mtn bike nobbies that you will likely feel a difference! I would spin out quite a bit because it reduces the total gear inches. Even in top gear screaming down a hill you might max out where you wouldn't before. There is a bigger version of the same tire that might remedy that.

It gets the 3 chilis for the nearly disastrous performance on wet vegetation. Too many commuters will run into that occasionally and its poor performance in this area is not even comparable to other slicks. (For example, this tire would run into trouble where my perfectly slick 23mm [SKINNY] road tire doesn't).

But, 4 for value because you can probably find these for a low enough price that it wouldn't hurt to have some on hand for dry conditions or if you only have a mtn bike and want to put these on for the occasional longer ride with roadie friends.

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