Stans NoTubes Hugo 29+ Rim


Alternating spoke holes offset 5mm from center of rim. Not compatible with offset lacing. Optimized for 2.8" to 4.0" tires, Max 30psi.


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[Nov 09, 2016]
arctic slalom
Cross Country Rider


tough, great tire support, roll over ability, surface area


none yet.

these came stock on my Niner Ros9+. This review is for a Stans Hugo 52 29er plus. I'm running 29x3.0 Bomboloni tires on this rim along with Neo hubs. Overall, i'm very happy with this wheel set. This bike splits time with me and my son. My son is about 175 lbs. and a fast rider. The Niner is fully rigid, so the wheel set takes all of the stress of riding this bike hard. FWIW, i would call myself a fastish cross country rider. I weigh 225 and run about 6'-2".

Our local trails are smooth rolling single track with occasional rock sections. I've been really happy with this rim. I've run it hard the past 3-4 months and ridden the bike about 20 miles per week. I've never had to true or tighten the wheel set. My other bike is a carbon tallboy II, so the rigid plus bike feels a bit heavier and slightly more sluggish than the Tallboy, but none the less just as much fun (and sometime more fun) to ride. These wide rims are really nice and give you an incredible amount of traction when climbing loose terrain and especially laying the bike over in sharp turns. The wide profile gives a nice, even amount of pressure to the oversized tubeless tires. These tires and rims are certainly wider than standard 2.1-2.4 tire, so sometime it makes it a bit difficult to "pick a line" between trail debris, rocks, roots. When you are going fast, you still, occasionally smash rock into the sidewalls of the tires, but rarely will the tire bottom out and actually make contact with the rim. This type of setup is certainly dependent upon the tire pressure which you run in the plus size tire. I run about 14-15 PSI. This gives the back tire just enough suppleness to absorb almost all the trail small bumps and chatter.

I would certainly recommend this rim to those of you who are looking for a 29 plus option. I couldn't be happier. Solid performer, easy to set up tubeless, supports wide tires nicely, and the rims are light.

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