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Compared to traditional quick releases, a 15mm thru-axle offers better suspension function and more precise steering -- all good things. And you can still take your wheel off in a snap. Combine this with the quality and lightweight features of the DT Swiss 240s hubs, and the DT Swiss 240s 15mm Thru-Axle CL/6-Bolt Hub is the best option for those using a 15mm front fork. As opposed to converting down a 20mm hub, this 15mm specific hub has a smaller, lighter bearing and less material in the normal sized hub shell. It saves 38 grams from the oversize 20mm hub. The lighter weight of the 15mm hub lets you take advantage of the potentially lighter overall weight of the 15mm axle system in contrast to going for the 20mm axle. And if you aren't hucking off cliffs, the 15mm axle is all you'll ever need to do normal things like ride really fast, carve beautiful berms, and bomb down rocky trails with confidence.DT Swiss hubs start life as an aluminum forging and then are CNC machined into shape. Two high-precision stainless steel cartridge bearings are pressed into either side, and they have contact-free seals to keep everything silky smooth. This hub has the DT Swiss Centerlock style brake mount, but it comes with a Centerlock-6-bolt adapter for the brake rotors.The DT Swiss 240s 15mm Thru-Axle CL/6-Bolt Hub is black with red DT trim. It is drilled for 32 spokes. The 6-bolt adapter is included (29 grams). Actual hub weight (no CL adapter) is 129 grams.


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[Nov 25, 2012]
Cross Country Rider


Simple, lightweight & durable.


None other then they are kind of pricey......... but you get what you pay for!

I have season on these hubs and they have been great. Running with a 15mm through axle and center-lock disk. I've ridden many, many, rock gardens and admittedly choose poor lines at times and have had zero issues with the durability of this hub.

They are light, durable and so far maintenance free. I have this hub laced to a ZTR Arch EX rim and the entire wheelset (with 240s in the rear as well) comes in at just over 1,500 grams.

I can't imagine ever purchasing another brand of hub. These are on the expensive side but it is so nice to make a purchase and be completely satisfied.

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