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The Barzo is still designed to be a fast-rolling tire. TNT tubeless ready, this tire is available in 27.5×2.1, 27.5×2.25, 29×2.1 and 29×2.25 sizes.


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[Oct 08, 2015]
Cross Country Rider


Traction high, rolling resistance and weight low, TNT casing (has been awesome on all previous TNT tires I've used, price (about 1/2 what some of the more popular tires run), easiest tubeless set up I've had


too soon to tell

I wanted to shave some weight and get a slightly different ride than my current tire set up was providing. I've been running Saguaro fr/AKA rr for about 2 years now, and while it was a great set up for SoCal loose over hard, I wanted something a little bit lighter and a little bit more consistant. The Saguaro has been my go to tire for years, and I run it on both mountain bikes (fr/rr on my trail bike). It seems a little bit "slippery" on some dusty trails, but that was my only real complaint with it, and it was never dangerous, just a polite warning that I was on the edge of its limits. The AKA hooks up incredibly well, and is all I ran on my SS rear. Problem with the AKA is it isn't as tough as I'd like. I can run Sagauros all year long with NO ISSUE on tread life or casing, but I've torn the tread on 2 AKAs, and they never last as long as the Saguaros, even with very light road (to the trail) use.

Enter the Barzo...similar intended use as the Saguaro, but a more open tread pattern that I hope allows them to dig in a bit better where the Saguaros would slip. They also weigh @ 120 grams less than the TNT Saguaro and 60 lighter than the TNT AKA (per Vittoria's site). I am not a weight weenie, but the tire swap and wheel swap (to Easton EC70 Trail...I posted a review on those as well) shaved 1 lbs off an already light bike.

Recent rain left the trails a little bit tacky, so today's ride probably wasn't a fair assesment, but damn are these good tires. They rolled fast on the climbs, even though I could feel the trail trying to hold on to them in a few sections. No mud stuck (there were only a few puddles left, and YES, the TRAILS WERE OPEN), but they definitely threw mud when I had to ride through it. The tires clearly dig in and bite, and the long climb (.7 miles @ 4.5%) up hardpack with some soggy sand and new ruts was a walk in the park. Never a hint of spin on the climbs or poor conditions, and when the trail turned down, well, that is what I really wanted these for.

In almost hero dirt, but on a trail with some recent water damage, I made great time down and the bike stayed firmly planted on a very rough/fast turn. For a rigid bike to not even slide a bit on a turn like that, the tires have to be doing something right. I was actually expecting a tiny bit of slip on a few sections (where I always slip my Saguaros in a very controllable manner) but the Barzos held on. Part of it may be due to the trail conditions, and part may be due to the new wheels, but I have no doubt that these tires can hold their own against any other XC/Light trail tire in SoCal conditions.

Overall I was very pleased with the new tire/wheel combo, setting a PR on a short sprint segment, and getting my second best time on a 10 mile loop...not bad in tacky conditions with new gear. I'll post any updates as I get more mileage on these, but I am already confident enough in them that I will be running them in the Filthy 50 in 3 weeks.

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