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[Apr 13, 2014]
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Cross Country Rider


Super low resistance: Especially for a tire of its width. My heavy 29er Genesis now moves at least as well as my 26" Schwinn Mesa. Where eating up the road is concerned, my Genesis is now the clear winner.

Superior Grip: I have only had them to 75 psi for fear the maximum of 85 would cost grip. This was an incorrect assumption, as the wraparound tread bites the asphalt and doesn't let go, even in wet, sandy, and gravelly conditions. Braking near maximum force does not produce wheel lockup or skid. Grip for days.

Ride: Even at this pressure, is very good. I hit some gnarly road repair sections and ran over 2 palm tree branches on the thick end, and never felt unduly impacted, despite my bike being a hard tail. Frame never felt upset by unfavorable road conditions.

Style: It's a good looking tire too. Sidewall markings add some pizzazz and detail.

Weight: I got the Kevlars, and they are lighter than most tires of this size by far.

Flat protection seems to work pretty well. The bike lane on Wiles, right in front of waste management, has the most screws, nails, bolts, and other trash that one will likely ever encounter, and even at 75psi, went without incident.


Extreme Condition Grip: Just about the same as any other tire biased toward road action than off. Wouldn't even try mud or loose sand(beach). Same goes for deep snow or ice. Blasting down sand/gravel horse trails and fire roads has produced no major challenges to grip at 40 psi.

Sound: Silent on the twin center rails, but hums a decent bit when angled over.

Garbage Picker: Tosses anything in touches. Picks debris right off the ground, and sends it flying. Makes me want to put my fenders on when riding with these tires. Didn't get nailed by anything, but I'd like to keep all that crud off of the frame and myself.

I depend on my bike for my commute, and am a 21 year bicycling junky. I prefer a bicycle to explore my local, and put thousands of miles under my tires every year. All in all, Halo Twin Rail 2's deliver as the best combination of, and compromise between both grip and rolling resistance. If you are like me, and want to go fast over the roads, but still have the option of impulsively pursuing nearly any off road course you find along the way, this is your tire. This is not a tire for those who seek to ride the loosest of loose terrain. As I cannot find any way to increase combined performance by spending a reasonably higher price, and cannot find a way to spend less money and maintain a reasonable amount of the combined performance, I come to the conclusion that this product is a superior product and value.

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