DNM Burner-RCP 2 Rear Shock

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The Burner-RCP 2 offers a 4-system damping which has all thinkable adjustment modes: rebound/compression/preload and pressure. The rear shock body is 7075 alloy with hard chromed shaft. Travel is 165 – 180 mm.


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[Mar 05, 2018]


Bought a new version RCP2S on eBay about two months ago and it took me a while to install it but I finally got to ride with it over the past month and decided to write the review. Shock appears to be well made. Has all the basic adjustments like low speed compression, rebound and bottom out adjustment. If you have to change the spring rate you can use fox springs the ID is the same. Bottom out adjustment is very strange. Instead of a normal shredder valve this shock has a ball valve. You would need to use a ball pin and a standard shock pump to increase or decrease the bottom out pressure. I tested it on two different trail in the NJ area and it performed very well on the rocky downhill sections. Shock is plush but the damper ramps up at the end of the stroke to prevent bike from bottoming out. Haven’t taken any big drops yet but it did well with the two foot drops. Uphills took a little more time to get the shock to perform well. After adjusting the low speed compression I was able to get rid of most of the peddle bob without sacrificing the sensisitivity. I will have to see if this shock will last. For now it’s seems to perform up to par and the coast is unbeatable. If you want to try a coil shock on your trail bike without dropping a lot of cash this maybe the way to go. Also they have a 2.0 inch stroke models which are hard to find. Will try to update after riding with it for a while. By the way I put it on my transition bandit 650b


High pressure valve is a ball valve not a shredder valve and I am not sure how reliable they are with keeping the pressure. Bushings are 12mm and those are hard to find may need to custom make them or grind down the one that came with the shock. Dampers is not the most sofisticated as some of the well known companies make but it works

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