White Brothers Rock Solid Rigid 29er Forks


White Brothers Rock Solid Carbon Fiber Forks: Say goodbye to complicated suspension designs and "hello" to White Brothers rigid carbon fiber MTB fork. Big 34mm carbon tubes provide stiffness and control, yet absorb trail shock.


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[May 07, 2012]
Doug Raber
Weekend Warrior


Stiff, Light weight, Fast, Manueverability, Available lengths, Looks and Durability


Caliper misalignment, Maybe just a little short.(465 mm)

I'm not a racer but I like high end light weight 29er hard tails. I replaced my Rock Shox Reba xx with a White Brothers (Rock Solid 465 mm) mainly because most of my riding these days is on hard pack trails. Some times I like technical without the big rocks or roots. These forks are 2 1/2" shorter than the Reba measuring from the axle to crown. With that in mind. I added 2 more 10 mm spacers and went with a Mereck high rise carbon handle. This gave me 1 1/2" That 1" shorter grip height turned out to be a blessing because I do tend to be faster with this fork. The one problem I had with fork is the caliper misalignment. I experimented with spacers and what I found that works is first make sure the depth of disc is correct (mine 160 mm Avid XX). Second is when I mounted the caliper with no additional spacers I used one drop of loctite tightened the screws then backed them off a half turn. This allows the caliper to follow the disc without wobbling and the loctite keeps the screws from backing out. (be sure to use removable loctite if you go this way as you may need to fine tune the setup. Things to remember 1. remove lower head set bearing race to use on this one 2. I had to buy a new clamp for brake/shifter because old one had pop loc button 3. Don't cut the head tube until your comfortable with the height. (Take it for a spin down the street for feel)

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