Magura TS8 ELECT 100 29er Forks


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[Mar 14, 2018]



[Feb 20, 2018]


I bought one of these new to replace my TS6 fork for XC rides/races. It came with a pump, wireless remote and all the charging adaptors you could ever need. I read a lot of articles with favorable comments so it seemed worth the risk. The fork itself (no axle or tool) with steerer tube cut to length weighs exactly 1600g. The thru axle weighs another 45g and the tool 17g. The Elect instructions are not very clear but I was able to get it set up. Unfortunately, my first few rides were not ideal. The fork kept going to sleep, suddenly locking or unlocking and I had to stop, unscrew the cap, switch it off and on again to reset it. This despite fully charging it before each ride. Eventually, I contacted Magura customer service and they were awesome about sending a replacement Elect unit. It was an easy swap, just unscrew the old one and pop in the new. Since then, the system has been flawless. It's easy to calibrate and works exactly as stated. The fork is plenty stiff and soaks up bumps really well. Another thing I like is the relative simplicity. It just has a rebound adjustment and nothing else. For me, I want to set it and forget it, which is what this is designed for. If you're into fine-tuning a fork then I'm sure there are better options out there for that.


One reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is first because of the initial faulty unit. It happens, but the bigger reason is that I actually think the concept is better in theory than practice. The climbs around here are usually long and sustained up gravel roads, then dropping down trails, which would seem like the ideal terrain for a fork that locks on the climbs and unlocks on the descents. However, it turns out riding isn't so black and white: a climb might flatten out or become less steep and the fork unlocks. Until climb resumes with enough pitch to activate the servo then it will just remain unlocked while climbing whether you like it or not. You could (and I have) calibrate the fork to only unlock at steeper angles but then the opposite starts to happen on descents, which may flatten out momentarily and until you get enough downhill angle your fork will be locked through the rough stuff. The solution I've found is to simply use the wireless remote lockout, which is instantaneous and solves both climbing and descending issues. It works great but it's not exactly what I was hoping for.

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