Fox Shox 32 Talas 29 120 CTD Fit Remote 29er Forks


Tall front ends are the curse of long travel 29er forks because they cause a wandering, slow turning front end when you're climbing. A simple fix to that problem is Fox's Talas travel adjust system ? where the fork uses 95mm of travel in the climb mode and 120mm in the descent mode. This, coupled with Fox's new CTD damping system, offered here on the 32 Talas 29 120 CTD FIT Fork w/Remote, results in a simple-to-use and adaptable trail fork.Fox forks have traditionally been featured packed, offering the ability to make any adjustments needed to tune the fork for any trail conditions. The only problem was the difficulty for the average rider to make knowledgeable tweaks to the forks. High- and low-speed compression, lockout threshold, preload, and rebound are all common adjustments, but, for the guy who wants to ride, and not relentlessly and aimlessly tune a fork, this can have a negative effect on performance and user experience. With CTD, one lever quickly and easily switches the fork's compression to ideal settings for the task at hand. The Climb setting adds plenty of low-speed compression to mitigate bobbing when standing on the pedals. Trail mode offers moderate low-speed compression to balance efficiency with optimal trail manners. It's also independently adjustable with three settings; soft, medium, and firm. Finally, the Descend setting features the perfect blend of high- and low-speed compression for plush action on steep and aggressive sections of trail. While longer travel Float forks, 130mm and above, have been revised to offer a more linear spring rate, Fox felt that a progressive spring is optimal for XC conditions. This helps to prevent bottoming out the 120mm of travel and ensures a more efficient ride for racing. What they have redesigned on these forks, besides the addition of CTD, is the lowers. The 2013 29er lowers are now nearly a half pound lighter than last year's comparable model. While that may not seem significant, keep in mind dropping mass from the lowers effectively reduces un-sprung weight ? which affects the amount of inertia the damper needs to control, resulting in enhanced suspension action. To drop the weight, Fox's engineers retained the Float's respected torsional stiffness by redesigning the brace, dropouts, and wall thickness.The 2013 Fox 32 Talas 32 120 CTD FIT Fork w/Remote comes in Black with the smooth and durable Kashima coating on the stanchion tubes. It's offered here with either a straight 1-1/8in steerer, or a tapered 1.5 to 1-1/8in steerer, and both have a 15QR axle. It's also equipped with Fox's new remote for on-the-fly adjustment of the CTD system


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[Feb 23, 2014]
All Mountain Rider


Remote lockout for climbing on singlespeed is efficient. Lighter than a 34 stanchion.


Seals start to squeak if you do not stick to Fox maintenance schedule, but I stick with FOX wipers rather than Enduro

LOVE remote lockout, pure and simple. Remote is best upgrade for singlespeed if you climb steeps. I set the rebound for almost no damping, and air pressure is finicky, so I check this 2013 more than most forks I own. These actions make for a great fork ride, even if some complain about 2013 forks in general. In my opinion, you need to really pay attention psi. As for the TALAS feature, it is wasted on me, and I will go back to using FLOAT forks. After riding bikes for 37 years, I don't need lower travel option, but it works great if that is a feature you like. Oil/wiper service at home is easy for this fork, you should try it.

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8 Fox forks, all were great. Using new PIKE On 26er and love it. I am selling this reviewed fork to upgrade to 34mm stanchions.

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