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Manitou Minute Expert Forks - 15mm A great fork communicates everything that rsquo;s happening between your tyre and the trail, without jarring loose any expensive dental work. In the past, though, you had to accept a weight penalty in order to gain rock-solid steering. The Minute is here to change all that with its ultra-stiff 32mm stanchions, ACT Air spring and TPC Technology. Forget about noodly XC forks and heavy trail forks. It rsquo;s time for a Minute.Specifications: Weight: 4.1/1861 (80mm) w/ Aluminum Steerer Spring: ACT Air Spring Rate: Medium Bottom Out: Rubber Bumper Crown: Forged I - Beam Crown Crown Finish: Black Ano Offset: 41.27 Compression Damping: TPC Technology, Absolute+, Trail Tuned Rebound Damping: Adjustable TPC Adjustments: Air, compression to lockout, Rebound Leg Diameter: 32mm Leg Material: Straight Wall Aluminum Brake: Post Mount Axle: 15mm Crown to Axle: 458 (26 quot;), 478 (27.5 quot;), 508 (29 quot;)Technologies: ACT AIR: Atmospherical


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[Dec 08, 2015]
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Impossibly easy to setup and find sweet spot! No brake dive.


I'm not using a $2'000 fork, which makes me look cheap, even though this Manitou fork is just as good.

I had a disastrous introduction to the modern world of mountain bike suspension with the Fox Evolution 32 fork. Fox outta be ashamed of themselves! I can only describe the stock 2014 evolution fork as worse than having no suspension at all. The brake dive is criminal, and that's about all that fork does. So I managed to upgrade it to a Fox Evolution FIT damper. And the difference couldn't be picked up even under an electron microscope! How so many bikes can be sold, brainwashing unsuspecting buyers into a world of Fox vs RS should be outlawed. I purchased a bottom feeder Rocky Mountain Instinct 930 with a Manitou Minute Expert 130mm travel fork and expected to be punished for my tight fistedness. I am glad to say, if I'd upgraded to the next spec bike, I'd be back on another Fox Float. I'm glad I didn't upgrade. The Manitou Minute is brilliant! Supple, responsive and missing the all important brake dive Fox seems to believe is the most important part of a suspension setup. It will hold its composure under braking, and in the tight turns to give a controllable response. Adjustments to the setup are instantly detectable giving you feedback that makes tuning as easy as adjusting the volume on your radio. I think these forks are brilliant, user serviceable, and all round where the big boys need to be looking. Forget all the marketing and look beyond the Fox/RS Hype. There are many gems out ther to be ridden, and if the minnows can be given a chance, we may all end up better off, because from what I've ridden, they are certainly giving things a shake up with the Manitou at least.

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