Manitou Marvel Expert 2014 Forks


Manitou Marvel Expert Forks - 9mm QR It rsquo;s a tough name to live up to. When it comes to XC it rsquo;s all about efficiency. The hole shot, cleaning lines with precision, climbing like a goat and descending like a river. Not to mention being able to custom tune the thing with as little effort as possible.The Marvel is a marvel. Rebound, damping and lockout is all external. And the stiffness will point the front wheel where you need it to go.Specifications: Weight: 3.8lb / 1725g Spring: ISO Air Spring Rate: n/a Bottom Out: Rubber Bumper Crown: Forged Deep Bore Hollow Crown Crown Finish: Colour Matched Offset: 41mm Compression Damping: TPC Technology, Absolute+ XC Stack Rebound Damping: Adjustable Detented TPC Adjustments: Air, compression to lockout, Rebound Leg Diameter: 32mm Leg Material: 7050 Butted Aluminum Brake: Post Mount Axle: 9 mm QR Crown to Axle: 472 (26 quot;) 478 (27.5 quot;)Technologies: ACT AIR: Atmospherically Controlled Tuning- Utilizes air to se


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[Sep 21, 2014]


easy of tuning (and tuning options between travel, progressive air spring and ABS+/rebound tuning).
SO many options


Really stiff abs+ tuning!!!
Very noticeable stiction when new. (read below for more info)
PAIN TO GET SHIMS for ABS+ where I live.
Manitou prices went up (though still was well worth it at $450, Id have paid more if it came with shims lol)

This is for the new 29" version:

Great fork. Insanely more stiff over my previous RockShox forks on 9mm qr. And yes 9mm qr on these too. These forks are point and shoot even for my 270lbs and 0 brake rub on top of it. The lovely sound of silence that I lost after working bike hard for 5-6 miles or any hard corning on my Rockshox.

Fact that make changes to fork is stupid easy with proper tools and some mechanical aptitude. ABS+ and rebound are tuned easily and options are endless. SHIMS ARE A PAIN TO GET THOUGH, where you can order online shipping is really high. But I found it worth it as no way I was buying a $200 revalving/tuning kit. XC stack is harsh for my riding (great for those that race and want efficiency though)

Stiction issue: Common for new forks I gather but I could feel it compressing forks at low pressure by hand. I had to buy oil for refilling after playing with setting options (well still playing lol) and got some maxima race zero friction stuff (works for damper and semibath) and stiction was gone except felt just a little while jerking bike around setting sag by myself. Smooth as butter when riding or by hand.

All in all a hellva upgrade compared to my Rockshox fork. And at $450 (from LBS) I couldnt tell the difference between these and any other high end fork I checkout (on bikes at LBS) especially now I have my abs+ tuned more to my liking. 4 stars on value only because of complications on getting shims for tuning and the price to get them to me

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