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Bos's premium downhill race fork, which guided Morgane Charre into the 2012 World Championship Jersey, and is now ready to take you to glory as well, is the Bos Idylle Air Rare Fork. This is the factory-pro version of BOS' legendary downhill slider designed by Oliver Bossard, the engineer that helped deliver multiple World Championships and top World Cup finishes to riders like Fabien Barel, Anne-Caroline Chausson, Cedric Gracia and Nico Vouilloz.


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[Sep 05, 2014]
Cameron Starcheski


- Performance is unlike anything I have ever felt. I was running compression settings for racing use as recommended by the user manual. When pushed hard, it tracked the terrain better than I knew was possible. This results in being able to corner faster, charge harder, and be more confident. What I liked most was how high it stays in its travel compared to other forks I have used.

- Chassis : This fork is right between the Boxxer World Cup and Fox 40 Float in terms of weight, which is impressive considering the amount of oil in the open dampening cartridge. The fit and finish of the fork is very impressive, between the top crown, the titanium pinch bolts and even the cable routing is well thought out.

- Features : Air spring preload, High and Low speed compression, Rebound and air bleed screw

- Durability and Maintenance : The open bath dampening makes for a very consistent and durable fork. I put about 25 days on the fork before the seals started leaking oil. They just use Fox 36 seals and 7.5w oil, so everything is really accessible. When I changed the oil it was still clean. The rebuild took about 30 minutes.


- Price : The biggest downside is the price, at $2500 CAD it is the priciest fork on the market. But keeping in mind that this is a high end racing fork and the performance justifies the price.

- Parts Availability : Being a smaller European company, parts in North America are few and far between. If by chance you break an internal part, you might be without a fork for a few weeks.

Bar none the best fork I have ever used. The performance exceeded my expectations and maintenance was a breeze. I would recommend this product and definitely buy another BOS product again.

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