Marzocchi 888 CR 2012 Forks


The 888 means business. Its 200mm ofTravel are capable of absorbingThe impact ofThe most body-jarring of obstacles. It also features new bushing designs with vertical slot for oil fluid and lubrication andThe CV (Compression Valve) pumping element, an evolution ofThe well-proven SSVF Open Bath system. The system controlsThe compression and rebound speed. When correctly adjusted,The fork is ableTo keepThe wheel in contact withThe ground in any riding condition, keeping you in control and onTrack


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[Dec 11, 2011]


Very High quality, Light fork, Plenty of travel (180mm-200mm), Adjustable compression, Rebound, Mechanical Preload.
Weighs 3440 grams or 7.56 pounds. 20mm axle compatible. Lighter than a oil filled fork.


Turning radius is lessened compared to single crown fork. If you tighten the four screws on the front axle too much, you strip them, and need to either drill in new inserts or get new lowers.

As for the bottom line, If you are big into downhill biking, or just want more suspension, this fork is for you. Friend of mine has the 2010 marzocchi 888 CR fork, and hasnt had any problems yet. I recently purchased it, and it hasnt given me any problems yet. Used to use a 2005 Marzocchi Bomber fork, which had problems with seals leaking, so i decided to do a major upgrade to this. Very expensive but well worth the price. Havent been able to bottom out the fork, which is a really good thing. I weigh approx. 175lbs, so average weight. Adjustable compression is very handy for dirt jumps, and very rocky trails. Maxing out the compression and rebound almost makes it a rigid fork. Very handy features. Handling is excellent, only downside is reduced turning radius, but that is expected with all dual crown forks compared to single crown forks. This fork is a very strong build, and is sturdy, but very light. Going from an oil filled fork with less travel to this fork was a big difference. The difference of dropping two pounds on the fork was very noticible. Less weight in the front of my bike increased the balance in it so I no longer drop the front end coming off a jump.

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