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Manitou was founded over 20 years withThe goal of producingThe mostTechnologically advanced products imaginable.They have provenThemselves overThe years, and continueTo create cutting edge products. When you produce a fork and name itThe Marvel, it better be nothing short of absolutely marvelous.The Marvel  Pro has some nifty features includingTPC Technology Absolute + cartridge compression damping, and adjustableTPC cartridge rebound damping; yet weighs in at 3.3lbs. How isThat for marve


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[Jun 17, 2013]
All Mountain Rider


+Amazing quality and finish
+Rebound adjustement is very effective
+Smooth progression during the travel
+Sensitivity/ISO air spring response
+Lock out is easy to use
+Light weight
+Effortless to set up


-No manual suplied (alltough on the internet there is everything that you would want to know avaible including finetuning the damping/shim stacks etc)
-Sensitive spring preload adjustment with a conventional pump / gauge range
-Occasional over engouragement for riding the bigger stuff

Fitted gloss white 120mm Marvel Pro forks (9mm QR, 1 1/8 steerer) to my Kinesis Maxlight XC2 frame (white pearl ofc) replacing -07 Manitou Black forks.

I used a Topeak pocket pump to inflate the forks to manufacturers suggested pressure (80PSI / 5bar for rider weight). It may be a good idea to use manufacturers own pump but that item wasn't available when I placed the order.
These forks seem to work with very narrow range of pressure so to be able to fine tune it accurately the gauge has to be calibrated by dedault for the lower pressure range.

First impression suggest that these are light weight yet sturdy forks.
None of any flexy feeling with 180mm front disc.
Clicking adjustements for the damping and rebound action work well and effectively.
No need to use them flat out.

I made two rides around singletrack/all mountain course trying out different settings and finally got it spot on. This product really enables faster ride on the rough terrain because the damping works like a dream ! Front wheel is very stable in wet roots and and smaller rocks. I can keep pedalling and just point the wheel where I want to go. Super grip on the tire. It is unbelievable how soon I got used to this product and get noticeably faster tracktime.

Then I hit some more technical stuff with steep rocky hills, smooth trialsy mountain stuff and I could ride along some lines that I never could imagine would be possible without a proper trials bike. No spongy jumpstick feeling here, just accurate control and predictable behaviour all the time. GREAT FEELING !

The Lock Out works neatly and I soon started to use it on every uphill while on tarmac riding to forest. I wasn't thinking that there will be much use for this feature because this is the first time I have the oppoturnity. But it works well and is super easy to activate from the crown while riding. No need for a cable operated lock out in my opinion 'cos you can just flick the lock out on with your index finger with no effort.

It makes me very feel confident about riding capabilities and I'm now enjoying my ride like I have a completely new bike.

I weight 64kg/140lbs and alltough Manitou states that these forks are intented for XC/Expedition use I can say that at least for a lighter rider this is a killer choice for rougher stuff as well !

It's still easy to notice that these are air forks for the faint amount of stickyness at the very begining of the travel with higher preload pressure. It may be just something that needs some time to bed in properly. Personally I felt that this kind of tight response actually made me faster while ascending track with loadsa tight corners and roots/small rocks. On bigger stuff the fork just evens out all the obstacles and that stickyness is not noticably any more.
This may be due to personal refenrence because I'm just used to spring coil responsiviness.

For the price (-40% discount; paid 360€ at CRC bikes) these are nobrainer forks for many purposes especially for a hardtail xc/allround frame. 120mm travel did not make Kinesis truckish at all but still calmed it down so it doesn't beheave nervously at lower speeds let alone going downhill where I can just let the bike roll with out constantly using brakes to tame it down.

They work just like you'd expect and are super stable and light weight. Expectional quality and pro feel.
Manitou seems to be the most underrated suspension manufacturer there is !

[Feb 15, 2012]
Cross Country Rider


Very Strong for the weight. efficient travel. @100mm of travel feels much more plush. crisp, solid lockout and on the trail tuning.



Manitou is back, ladies and germs. For a few years there have been issues and questions about quality and service. Let me say that both are alive and strong in 2012. I got this fork as a warranty replacement, even though my fork was a few years old. Customer service was top notch, and the quality of this fork is better than anything i've ridden by Fox or Manitou previously.
The Marvel Pro is great because it can actually function as an all mountain fork (if you can handle the shorter travel). It is perfect for XC, but is very strong. There really isn't a downside to this fork in my mind- it does more than it's intended target use. I thoroughly enjoy this fork. It is not as light as my R7, but it is definitely stronger. And as XC trails increasingly become more AM trails, this fork is fit for the task. I am 6'2", 220 lbs, and this thing can take all I can throw at it. It is not on the cheap side, but then again, you will not be replacing it anytime soon, and I think most people would go through 2 lesser forks before this thing even slows down.

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