Spinner Ammo 178 Axle TL 2008 Forks


  • 34mm Steel Stanchion
  • Coil Spring
  • One-piece Magnesium Lower 20mm
  • Adjustable Compression
  • Rebound with T-Spul Valve Damping System
  • Preload Adjust
  • One-piece Magnesium Lower Legs 20mm Axle


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[Dec 03, 2008]


its working smoothly, the rebound adjustment is enough for me, nice look


not very popular in europe


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[Feb 04, 2008]
Cross Country Rider


I am posting this review as there are NO reviews in English of this fork anywhere. After one month its hard to truly evaluate the fork, but if anything changes from my current opinion I will post an update.

I weigh 210lb+ and ride some mild urban (staircases up and down, 3+ ft transitions to flat), and technical AM/Freeride trails.

The fork is very stiff, but for my weight it works very well. My friend that rides a Demo 9 and is most fond of his 888s says that this fork is a bit too stiff for him and therefore not very plush, however he is also a lot lighter than me. On my current bike (7.5" rear travel) it allows me to ride down the trails at stupid speeds and to climb as well as on my previous carbon frame XC bike and a Reba Team fork. The fork completely negates the momentum sapping bumps. Roots and rocks and stairs are rendered largely insignificant. I am still trying to figure out what is the maximum size obstacle that I can just plow into. It also does a better job of smoothing out an XC type trail than my RS Reba Team did. So far the fork's abilities far exceed mine. I like it that way.

When doing silly things, the fork saved my chops a few times already. Bad landings to flat, front wheel first from about 1m and at high speed, only resulted in 80% compression and nothing else. Recently an emergency stoppie made me look like a hero rather than a pancake.

When doing the right things, the fork is very smooth, both when riding down bumpy rutted trails at high speed and well executed transitions to slope or flat ground. The fork behaviour is very civilised and predictable. I have to say, more so than my (vastly different and more expensive) RS Reba Team which liked to blow through its travel when I really did not want it to do so. Cue endo x 2.

Physically, the fork is massive and the lowers look to be very overbuilt. With steerer the fork weighs about 3.3 kg which is in the same league as the Marzocchi 66, and you make a real weight saving when you shorten the steerer as it is made of hardened steel.

The fork legs are also perfectly aligned so there is no problem at all with inserting or removing the 20mm axle.

Oh, and for the warrior caste, this fork has a remarkably strange feature for such a long travel fork. It has a mechanical lockout (ie. no travel at all)! Thus you can ride your freeride or DH bike up to the trail head if you so choose.


Its flexy. The Stanchions flex visibly and easily when you rock the bike back and forth with the front brake applied. HOWEVER, the stanchions are steel not alloy so this flex is not necessarily evil or an indication of weakness. I cannot say this flexiness negatively affected their performance on the fast trails.

Rebound control is very limited. Fully open to slowest setting is only one quarter turn! In use this does not matter, but if you are used to making a few revolutions to dial in your rebound, this will come as a surprise.

Unknown reliability. I only had it for one month, but have had no issues at all so far. I am hoping it will maintain its form and function for a few years. It uses a steel spring rather than air so it ought to be reliable.

Brand name. Spinner is not a well recognised fork brand (except apparently for dirt jumping), not outside the department store or bottom dwelling bikes.

In summary: this fork is great. Go and buy it, even just for a spare or if you have a dual crown and want to try a single crown without destroying your budget. (no I am not affiliated with Spinner, I am just pleased with the fork.)

Its not a bling item, but so far it works very well indeed.

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