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Progression Kranked 6 is a heat pounding ride through the eyes of the best riders in the world as they take this challenge to Create the most stunning and progressive mountain bike line.


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[Dec 26, 2006]
Ed Sanderson
Weekend Warrior


Great Idea...create the most progressive, sickest line and ride it. Definately some good riding, great production, and semi-creative lines.


A couple riders didn't deliver the "Gnarliest Line" theme too well. I have only been able to watch it one time so far, but I don't feel that it quite lives up to the hype that everyone built it up to be. It wasn't a let down, but could have been a little more creative.

Most of the music was decent. The theme of the video was wonderful, though a few of the lines were kinda weak. Ryan Leech was very creative with his North Shore Trials bit.

One section particularly bothered me:
Steve Peat and Nathan Rennie (I think) were contacted by some trail builder and asked to ride this "Super Gnarly" trail. They began their portion of the video saying how weak it was and how the ground was soft and slow and basically just bagged the whole idea. Their negative remarks made it difficult to hold my attention knowing that they weren't having "the time of their lives" like the other riders. Why they didn't design their own trail like the other riders...I don't know.

Kirt Voreis did a mediocre job on his section as a whole. Nothing cutting edge or progressive there except for one particular part in which I would have to give him honors of "best trick". He did a wall ride to air 360' out that was just Sick! I loved it. I can't do any of that stuff but I have been wanting to see a wall-ride-to-360'-out for a couple of years now and wondering why I haven't seen anyone do that yet.

The video as a whole was pretty danged entertaining but I'd be hard pressed to say that it was cutting edge or "progressive". It didn't quite live up to the hype that I had been hearing. I think people just built it up too much.

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