NiteRider MiNewt LED Li-Ion Older Lights


The MiNewt's ultra-bright Luxeon LED delivers a nice and even light pattern (without rings or halos) to illuminate your way. This combination also allows up to 3 times higher peak intensity than the competition. The featherweight MiNewt incorporates a low-battery indicator into both the headlamp and battery case and features high, low and flashing modes. Run times range from 3 to over 6 hours. The MiNewt mounts to regular and oversize handlebars.


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[Feb 11, 2010]
Cross Country Rider


durable and high quality lamp construction, color coded charge indicator, easy mounting.


battery seals, mounting durability, battery mounting options limited.

Well, I've been a NiteRider fan for some time. My original NiCad batteried finally died after about 8 years of use, so I went with the latest model (in '07). The light itself is build to be bombproof. In the two+ years I've used it during my evening commutes, it's survived numerous endos, and other spectacular crashes (yes, I'm a rough rider). The light held up quite well and performed flawlessly. My only gripe then being the rubber band mounting system moved around a bit if I jump off even a modest curb. Also the lead is too short which restricts further the already limited mounting options for the pack. The flash mode is quite eye catching during daylight and dusk conditions. At night, though it's a bit much and gives your a strobe light feel which hinders depth and speed perception.

The biggest design flaw is what ultimately led me to return the product for a full refund (love REI) is waterproofing. Although the light itself is sealed to within an inch of its life, the pack seem to have been overlooked altogether by the engineering department. The problem is that the connector is located directly on the pack itself as opposed to through a lead. It's much easier to seal a round rubber-jacketed lead than three rectangular metal pins. Furthermore the rubber boot that supposedly seals the connection is D shaped as opposed to round. It doesn't take much experience with seals to know that round shape is hands down better as sealing than any other shape with a corner or a straight edge. Just think hydraulic rams and scuba fittings. In this case, light rain and occasional splash didn't seem to penetrate the connector, but after my first real rain storm ride (6 miles), the pack stopped working--even after drying for a week. You'd think if you're parting with almost $200, you at least get a decent seal--especially from a company that also does dive lights! Bad play NiteRider!

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