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  • Fork: Marzocchi Drop Off 4
  • R shock: Manitou Swinger Coil 3 way
  • R Mech: Shimano Deore
  • F Mech: Shimano Deor
  • Shifters: Shimano Deore R/Fire 2


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[Jun 05, 2006]
The Doog


Straight out of the box this bike is amazing, totally confidence inspiring. It sticks to the ground when you want it to, tracking over moorland obstacles is a breeze uphill and down, and when you want it to fly....... it does!!! Ive not ridden it off anything major yet but thats only because i've not had the chance yet. I think my bottle would go long before the bike did. Like most brand new bikes it'll need a bit of adjusting after a month or so of bedding in.


The hubs are a bit poor and required a bit of maintenance. And the rear wheel sat out of line in the rear swing arm, but this is cured by a new style derallieur hanger orange have. The grips dont stick to the bars very well but i've never found a brand that do!!! Oh and the pedals were a bit naff too, replaced by dmrs very quickly.

This bike is excellent. It's the cheapest in the patiot range and this reflects in some of the spec but i get the impression its built to be upgraded anyway. It is an excellent ride the suspension works very well when you need it and doesn't interfere when you dont.My confidence has increased tenfold on this bike,thats not to say it gives you ability but it gives you the balls to push yourself and be more adventurous. Ok so it's not the greatest climber but who cares??? I dont like to get off to push and it does wonders for the fitness. I got mine in all black, didn't like the yellow at all!!!! Buy one.

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